Tuesday, October 16, 2012

KS Cast 006- Waifu of the Week: Rin!

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Who needs a girlfriend when you have a Waifu? Ben and Kevin intimately discuss Katawa Shoujo with friends, as well as other big news stories that matter to them, and sometimes just their feelings.

Episode 006- Waifu of the Week: Rin!
If you've ever played through Rin's path, and asked yourself, "What just happened?", then you're not alone. Kevin and David are back again this week to talk with Ben about the confusing armless artist that is Rin Tezuka, asking questions that are respectful, relevant, and classy.
All leading up to the best Anglo-Saxan rap Ben will ever give. Don't get your hopes up though.

Intro Song- Spin by Juno & delta
Outro Song- Cloudland Swing by NicolArmarfi

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Michael Baxter said...

I wanted to hear Ciro talk about Rin :| and contrast our likes and dislikes.

Gnawliryc said...

Yeah things came up so I wasn't in the episode. I'll hopefully be around next time.

Also, for those who may be curious, my name is Cyril.

William Bundy said...

I feel so honored...

When you guys "rate" the girls, are you considering their story/ending/path/route, or the actual girl? Personally, Shizune's route is quite possible the worst one (in terms of writing quality), but she's a close second in a race where first, second and third are almost too close to decide. (Lilly>Hanako>Shizune>Rin>Emi)

Also have you guys considered holding something like a google+ hangout (or skype chat) and seeing who shows up?

Michael Baxter said...

I like Williams Idea but remember all the girls are lovely and we should stop arguing about who is better.

Benjamin Chrobak-Prince said...

William, I usually rate the girls first on how appealing their personality is to me, then on the quality of their path.

We were thinking of doing a livestream sometime in the future, but I have no idea how many people would join in, or anyone at all.

And Michael, we aren't arguing, we're "debating", and it doesn't seem like anyone's arguing that Emi is best girl.

William Bundy said...

Ben: Depending on the day and hour, I'd most likely be able to show up. Emi is not best girl.

Benjamin Chrobak-Prince said...

William's asking for trouble now.

William Bundy said...

Rin knows Lilly can fight (look at the picture in the smoking scene). Also, fun fact: in the game files, the Rin's bad or neutral ending (the one in the rain) is in the folder "rin_trueend".

Matthew Bundy said...

**Spoiler alert to Rin's route**
Hi Rin-Bro over here, one of the reasons that I prefer Rin over the other girls was that I thought most of the stuff Rin said was funny, like the conversation between her and Hisao on the roof she says "Underpants are a soul of a girl. You shouldn't peek at someone else's soul. Even if you are not a girl." I found this quite funny at the time and I still do. Also Rin is cute in her awkward confusing way, like when she tries to hug you, along with when you walk in on her trying to (for lack of better words) masturbate, plus Rin is cute even without arms. That is why I think Rin is best KS girl.
1. Yes, I am Will's brother
2. Going of the earlier conversation

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