Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No New Episode Tonight

Sorry for all of you that were expecting an episode tonight. As much as I hate to say it, there won't be one.

Kevin has been really busy these past few weeks with school and life. I've been quite busy too, and perhaps not busy enough, since my grades are starting to slip. Henry, who I really wanted to have on this episode, is also busy.

But above all else, I'm no longer comfortable with putting out an episode if I don't think it's a good one. Too many times now we've recorded an episode the night it's due out, and our lack of preparation has caused the quality to suffer. Last week was a good example. We definitely spent WAY too much time talking about absolutely nothing, and the topics I did want to go over were only just brushed upon. I want to release an episode only if those listening will enjoy it. We never have any notes, and for the most part any real discussion. William, our new writer, has so many good ideas for what we can do for Emi's episode that I don't want them to go to waste on a rushed recording. It might be quality control, but I don't want you listening to something I'm not proud of making.

Once again, I'm really sorry to those who were excited to hear the next new episode. I promise next week's one will more than make up for it. Until then, I hope you keep listening and providing feedback. Love you guys. See you next week.
I'm assuming this is your reaction to the news.


Anonymous said...

As sad as I am that there won't be an episode tonight, I also respect the fact that you care so much about the quality of the podcast. Apology accepted. Keep up the good work! (and tell henry to get a new mike)

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