Thursday, September 13, 2012

iWishToHugYou's CTU Strike Update

Hey people iWishToHugYou Back to make an update on our first Podcast about the CTU Strike!
Hey Guys I'm here to just make a quick update about our past Podcast!
So we are on the 4th day of the strike, going on the 5th and we have yet so see many major changes in the negotiations. Now from a student's point of view I do have to say I just want to go back to school. Not only is this my Senior Year, which makes it crucial to have to talk to teachers for college letters, it also takes away from the time I as a student need to learn, especially with all these advanced classes that have AP tests at the end of the year.

The only thing I can really do right now is, self study and get ahead on work. So it's time to run down to the library with my waifu and spend some time studying together. But for now it seems like the strike will last the rest of the week, and I REALLY hope that we will be back in school by next week.

Well this has been iWishToHugYou with the update on the CTU strike.
Just wanted to remind you all Lily is best Waifu!
Till next time!
Later all!


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