Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to Pick Up Girls

On request of some of the Ks'ers
How to pick up girls: By Fernando/Vespers
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Ok, some of the guys from the KS club have asked me to give them tips on picking up girls. I am not very good at it myself, but here it goes. First of all, it doesn’t really matter how you look like on the outside as long as you are not a stranger to love; you got to have confidence, I can’t stress that enough, there are some ugly ass guys out there with pretty girlfriends, and they have them because they are daring. Your face could literally look like a fucking piece of plywood nailed on a donkey’s ass, but if you have confidence and a personality (even if its douche), it’ll work out. There are a few simple rules on how to pick up girls, as long as you know the rules and so does she, you will be guaranteed a sure fire way of picker her up.  You are more likely to get rejected by average looking girls then hot ones, because people approach the average looking girls more than the hot ones because of “league values”, that is to say they think the average looking girls are more obtainable then hot ones. So it actually is easier to get with hot girls, because most people are just too scared too approach them, so go get fucking balls and approach them. 

You can’t go into a relationship if you are not going to be fully committed or the relationship will fail. You have to make yourself look like if you weren’t like any other guy, be unique but most importantly be yourself, have confidence and tell her how you are feeling. Tell her how much you love her, how much your passion for her burns; tell her that even the mother fucking sun pales in her radiance. You gotta to make her understand that she is special to you, and you treasure her and will promise to love her.

There are going to be some rough patches in your relationship, you can’t give up on her, even if she tells you to fuck off and die, it probably isn’t true, you have to stay there by her side. Like when Hanako shut herself out, you can’t give up on them, you got to be there for them, don’t leave, never say goodbye. Sometimes you might make her cry, and guess what you may or may not be a dick. You have to talk to her and tell her the truth and make her understand, you will never hurt her.

You got to have confidence, and not give a fuck. You can’t be a little bitch and just dive in there. Don’t be afraid to shuffle your feet from side to side and whip your hair. Girls love that for some odd reason. The longer you have known them runs a higher chance that you get attached to them in a more-than-friendly way, and you might be afraid to ask them out in fear of messing up your friendship. But hey, you need to do it, or else you will regret not knowing what could have been. And if you stop being friends because of it, then so be it, that means that either one of you or both, can’t really put that thing past you, although you will have to if you truly value you them as your friend. Her heart my ache at breaking yours, or you breaking hers, or whatever, but deep down both of you know what has to happen. She might even try to get out of it, and ignore your questions, but you got to press on and tell her how you are feeling.

Above all be yourself. If it doesn’t work out, then oh well bummer. Life doesn’t always work out that well. Learn from the experience move on, and you will find love someday. But you never got to give up, can’t let yourself get down. Stand up and fucking push on.

(I am not responsible for any mishaps because of this post.)


Vespers said...

By some I meant 2 people

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