Sunday, October 14, 2012

Adding Apologies

Another poem by Vespers, sure to tug at heartstrings.
Check it out after the break.

Adding Apologies

So many days pass by, when I want to call and say, “I’m sorry.”
Understand that not a day passes by when I don’t think of you.
Breathing is something that I have come to detest.
Tonight I will try to fix things for the best.
Reach into your heart.
Add this apology in there.
Couldn’t we stay here forever?
Take me away from this menace I have become.
Misery comes crashing harder than my failing breath.
Every time I look us it is just not the same.
Failed to become everything you thought I would be, turning into this monstrosity.
Regretting giving you my everything, my everything being tyranny.
Oh but I hope that things will be able to change.
May this pain never come to you again.
You didn’t know what I’ve become a monster, with nothing to give.
Oh I think I have become the worst thing that could ever materialize.
Undying remorse filling up in this devil’s lungs
Reject the monstrosity that I have become.
Hope that you will never suffer because of me again.
Each breathe I take is simple regret.
Agony so deep seeded, thorns grow and cut so sharp.
Righting my many wrongs requires my departing.
Tear this love for me from your aching heart, don’t mourn for me because I’m already dead.

(Take the first letter of each sentence and it should spell out....)



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