Wednesday, October 10, 2012

iWishToHug You! Designated Blogger!

Hey Guys iWishToHugYou here!
So on the last podcast we talked about needing designated bloggers, and I chose to become one,
Now today is a half day for classes, and I don't start late today, so I only have 26 minutes for this blog.
So I blog when I have time, and I usually have free time between classes, so the pictures are weak, I will make sure I add photos to this post later (Or if Ben adds some without me knowing I won't complain :3)

So we actually got out the latest episode of our podcast, It is slightly late, but at least released on the date it was supposed to go out :D
That episode we really didn't have much material to go on, so we released it UNEDITED! (with one exception of Ben's sister coming in xD) While we were going through it, it seemed half arsed, but I actually think it was entertaining.

So I've noticed when we podcast we go by our first names, so for anyone who is wondering I am David, When I blog I go by the blogger name, well because I'm used to doing that on another blog I write for.

Like I said today is a half day for classes, I would be happy about it, but really the only reason we have a half day instead of an actual day off, is because of the CTU strike, *sigh*
But I'll try to keep to the bright side of things, at least I can go hang out with some friends after class.

I noticed that we went off topic during the podcast, and wanted to clear some stuff up.

Lilly, her route in my opinion is the closest to normal you can get. You have Shizune busting your balls all the time with her dominate personality, and with Emi she is leading the relationship the whole way. But with Lilly you actually get the feels of having a woman, the feeling of you not being alone....
Then you exit the game and notice your life indeed sucks. kekeke
I started playing Katawa Shoujo just because a friend told me to, but as I played I got sucked into this world, I felt what Hisao felt, and I think that's the best part of this visual novel.
In the blog I don't want to play spoilers, so I just need to say, if you are hating on the game for any reason, just give it a chance, I did and I don't regret it.

Like I said I only have time for a quick update, (and I need to add photos to this later).
So this has been iWishToHugYou with Katawa Shoujo blog.
Have a great day.
So lets start something, like my own signature.....
Artist: Bandits Of the Acoustic Revolution
Song: It's a Wonderful Life
Check it out :D


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