Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let's Get Through The Day!

Hey Guys!
iWishToHugYou Back for a quick post
(I'll add the pretty photos to this post later :P)

So I don't know about everyone else but today seems like one of those bad days, but don't worry everyone, let us get through this day!
For those of you having a great day, well good for you! :P
But I'll just share how just the first hours of my day made the whole day fall.

>Wake up
>Walking up stairs
>Trip, Fall cut hand
>Shake it off
>Continue up the stairs
>Take Shower
>Blast of cold water
>Wakes me the f**k up
>Turn on the hot water
>Finish up my shower walk out check phone
>6:50 a.m.
>Late for school
>Flip sh*t
>Notice Parents gone, can't get ride
>Run to bus stop
>Sees mother pass by, picks me up
>Mom Driving me to school, Traffic, traffic everywhere
>Finally get to school
>I start class at 8
>Run into school, notice today is Monday, I don't start class till 11 on Monday
>It's now 9:48......I have one hour and twelve minutes till I start my first class......
>MFW (I'll add the photo later.... Don't have my reaction folder with me at the moment)
And that is the start of my day. I'll be by Ben's house later today to help output the next episode of the podcast :D
Also I saw Havoker steam some stuff, so me and some people on the cast might stream some League of Legends, If anyone out there plays on the NA server feel free to join, Just add Inizo


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