Tuesday, October 23, 2012

KS Cast 007- Manly Picnic

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Who needs a girlfriend when you have a Waifu? Ben and Kevin intimately discuss Katawa Shoujo with friends, as well as other big news stories that matter to them, and sometimes just their feelings.

Episode 007- Manly Picnic
Oh, I'm sorry! Were you expecting the Emi installment to our Waifu of the Week Series? Too bad! We're taking a two week break from that to bring you Kenji instead. I understand if you are disappointed that you didn't get to hear Emi's episode this week(don't worry, she's my favorite too). But it'll come eventually. Besides, won't it be so much more worth it when all that waiting pays off, and you get to hear the best episode of KS Cast about the best girl? I think so.

Anyway, Kenji is our center of discussion this week. Kenji, we all know him. That Harry Potter look-alike who hates all things female and acts like that one loud obnoxious neighbor you can't stand to be around but also don't want him to leave. Let us take the time, tonight, to discuss our dear good ol' friend Kenji.

And top of all that, we have a guest this week! One that isn't just one of my friends this time! Known online as Kenji, because of his self-admin'd Facebook page of the same name, he has amassed almost 3,000 followers in his fight against the feminist army. We have the prestigious honor to talk to him about how he came to discover this little visual novel, what inspired him to create a fan page for it, and how managing to keep that many people entertained has affected him.

Manly Picnic. Be ready. Make sure your fence is secure and sturdy. We wouldn't want any accidents...

Kenji: http://www.facebook.com/Kenji64
Kenji + Yuuko= ???: http://imgur.com/a/Uhaf0
Ben's School Goes Viral: Turn Up '13 Style http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDh8m9c9WhE

Intro Song- Spin by Juno & delta
Transition Song- The Fresh Prince of Yamaku High School (Parity from Katawa Shoujo Mix): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlVxgJFY4b4
Outro Song- Out of the Loop by NicolArmarfi

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William Bundy said...

The hardest parts of making a visual novel are the story writing and the art. Code-wise, it's pretty simple, especially with libraries like Ren'Py (which was used to make Katawa Shoujo and Christine Love's games). Though I haven't looked through the Ren'Py docs, it shouldn't be _too_ hard to do things with it.

Evan Rodney said...

If you wanna check out more visual novels, check out Fate/Stay Night or Steins;Gate. Those are the only one's i've downloaded, except for KS, of course.

Brandon Quist said...

Guys, guys, this is your fault.

The last thing I remember is falling off that roof in an alcohol induced stupor.
When I wake up, it's a slow, painful affair. The first image to resolve is Kenji. Something is off about him; he looks older.
"Hisao! It's good to see you int he land of the living!"
That... sounds a little too literal for my comfort.
"What happened?" I ask.
Kenji turns grim.
"They took over, man. You have no idea how right I was about women."
It's an effort to sit up.
"Last night, Kenji. What happened last night?"
Kenji grins.
"You came out of a ten year coma, bro. It's good to have you back."
Ten years? Ridiculous. But... Kenji looks a lot older. Oh god, is that a mustache? I focus on his upper lip, and urghrgnn. blech. Kenji continues, mercifully moving my focus from the abomination.
"As it so happens, I have a favor to ask of you. The feminists have all but conquered the world. I need you to infiltrate and turn as many high ranking personel as possible."
Kenji runs ahand through his hair. The details of the room come to my attention; it's a plain hospital room, with an small window overlooking the street. I look and
That's Misha. I'd recognize those drills anywhere. Her portrait hangs from the building accross the street. How?
"She's the first citizen of the Global Feminist Empire. You should probably start with Lilly Satou, the Ambassador to Mankind, and torture and interogation specialist. She's wily enough to know what you'll be doing, but your condition should endear you to her."
"My Arrhythmia?"
Kenji nods.
"That and recently coming out of a coma. In fact, we'll put you under again and deliver you to her personal hospital. After that, it's up to you."
"What makes you think I can change her loyalty?"
Kenji leans in close, and places a hand on my shoulder.
"If anyone can, it's you."
He leans back.
"With her support, you should be able to get in with the other ranking officers. They should be familiar; it turns out Yamaku was the hub of the international feminist conspiracy."
"Familiar? Like who?"
"Well, there's Lady High General Hanako, Rin Tezuka, Head of Cultural Affaris, Emi Ibarazaki, Chief officer of the Secret Police, and Shizune Hakamichi, the power behind the throne."

This is Kenji's true path.

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