Sunday, October 21, 2012

Haikus Just for You

I wrote these haikus
For the ladies of my life
Oh and Kenji too

Check it out after the break!


Oh love is so blind.
You can’t see my love for you.
But you can feel it.

Lilly my angel,
Silently sipping her tea
A scene so lovely

Sitting down I see
Blonde Hair whipping in the wind
Holding hands we kiss


The scars are painful
I carry my own scarred heart
Let me in your thoughts

That lovely beret
Hides your own sorrow away
“Reading again today?”

No need to be shy
We all have something to hide
For you I would die


A voice so silent
With actions heard so loudly
Sign furiously

Glasses poised lightly
Staring intently at me
A sly smile shows

Girl you are crazy
You work me over insane
But I still love you.


With great artist’s grace
Pain the canvas of my heart
Memories cherished

Hard to understand
Yet so much sense that you make
A cloud in the sea

If you were a bell
You would make my heart sing this

You run so gracefully
So breath taking in motion
Chase the horizons

Her pig tails bouncing
Walking alongside of me
Her face is well lit

She is so lovely
I can’t help but pick her up
Into my embrace


Oh no feminists!
We have to infiltrate them!
Can I borrow cash?

I do as I please.
I go bowling in the halls.
Screw librarians!

No napkins, all wine.
This is a manly picnic.
Oh and some pretzels.

................ And from the KS Crew..............

Thank you for reading
Our day made with your visit
Love y’all, from Vespers


Unknown said...

I love you.

Anonymous said...

That lovely beret
Hides your own sorrow away
“Reading again today?”

dun goof'd

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