Thursday, October 11, 2012

Anime Spotlight 4 Desu~ne?

   Hi guys, I know I haven't been really keeping up with the whole "2 post per week" thing. It really is hard to do. But I will try my best to post avidly, at least. Or until my Pokemon hype dies down (White 2 <3) 
I've just been busy with my love for cats. But I think I can handle thiss!!!

Because I'm Desu and I know it!
Do the Neko~chan!

Now the last 3 spotlights have been about some fairly well known anime. I think I should pull a anime from this Seasons new list (Fall season). I'm already sure some of you started the anime you were waiting for, I know I sure have.

And this week's spotlight will show us why we should watch this anime. First things first, some backstory. It started as a Visual Novel, and judging from the fact you all are reading this, then you must show some liking to VN's. And if I recall, this anime has been waited upon for a long time. I know for a fact Henry and Kevin have been waiting for this. I guess that gives it away for Kevin and Henry but not for you. The suspense must be killing you!
Please don't kill yourself

Little Busters!

         I know its not Code Breaker. Or the new Hayate Combat Butler. But still, Little busters has been a long awaited anime to come out. One word:


      If you dont know what I mean by that, then kill yourself (no not really though). Jun Maeda has helped make many MANY terrific anime that everyone loves and enjoys, with the feelings with the Daisukis. He is a Hayao Miyuzaki but for music. Some examples of his work are Clannad, Angel beats(ANGEL BEATS), Air, and many others. 

           If you still dont think its worth it(Think about it, Angel beats), a person that helped make such a great anime is making this. Why not give it try? Especially when it has been an anime that people have been waiting for. 

          Little Busters is about this young pretty boy named Riki who was a lonely man. But now he isn't, as he has many friends like Rin Natsume. But like most friendships, time comes and goes. The leader of their little group is leaving soon. And why be sad, why not create a great year full of memories? As a person who has not 1 but 2 really good friends who are now Seniors and are most likely moving out of the city, this really speaks to me. I have to say, I expect great things from this anime. From the first episode I already had some good laughs.

Genre: Romance, School , Drama, Comedy
Episodes :1 (so far, but 26 are expected)
Rating: 8/10 would watch again!

Thats all for this one!
This has been another Azunyan Spotlight!

And see you next time!~~
Nya Nya~~


Gnawliryc said...

Best to play the VN for this, because there's a LOT more content.

Unknown said...

Heard a lot of good things about this anime. Will watch. Might do an episode on this VN. I think it's a good idea to do episodes on other VNs too.

Gnawliryc said...

Hey if you plan to do an episode on this, let me know since I've played through the whole original VN.

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