Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Anime Spotlight 3 ~Revenge of the Anime!

Hai Guise!

 If you have seen the other two anime spotlights and liked them I feel you'll love today's anime. But let's not spoil it yet. Did you guys enjoy the previous anime that I recommended? 

What, you haven't read them yet?!?!?! Welll...
Go read them now.

      Guys, I know you love school life anime, or maybe you like anime that are just funny? I personally enjoy funny gag anime. But they come at a price. A PRICE OF TRAPS!!!!!

That's right it's a trap. A hot trap I might add.
But of course some people just hate traps. But with traps comes comedy, so it's a give and take relationship. Today's spotlight has one particular trap that I don't even think people consider him a trap. I don't even think people consider him as a guy OR A GIRL!!

( BAKA TO TEST! Shoukanjuu)

          Before you second guess and skip this anime because of a trap, remember there are girls in this anime too x3. This anime isn't really your typical anime with fighting and love. Well, it kinda is. I'm not sure how to describe it. It has a mixture of a lot of anime genres. Maybe because the writers were Bakas and forgot To Test. (buahahha im so bad ;~;) 

         On a more serious note, this anime is hilarious. I find it to be pure gold. It had very little obvious punchlines and was pretty nice in transitions from episodes to episodes. If you think this still isn't worth it, well...... there is a reason why this anime has 2 seasons and OVAs. School life, Magical Fighting, Comedy, Harem what more do you want?

        In Baka to Test, the school is separated in classes A-F, and our main character is, you guessed it, in F class. But F is the best right? It is always more fun when you can improve. They test for these classes and with that they have cute little monsters they can summon that are their companions(sorta). They fight, summon wars, and fight over classrooms so even F class can have the best of the best equipment. But the summon wars are just a component they use to make more of the funny.

Genre: School life, Super Power, Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 2 seasons (13 ep each, 2 OVAs and several Specials)
Rating: 10/10 If K-on was the most adorable anime then Baka to Test is the funniest.

Night guys!!~~
This has been Azunyan with another Anime spotlight

And see you next time!~
Nya Nya~~


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